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Bill Walsh (1931 – 2007) Watercolour

September 5, 2011

Well it’s been a while since I posted here, and for once it’s not been due to my usual lack of effort. With my Mac dying on me a few months back it’s taken me a while to get things back up and running again, massive thanks to Ritchie for the new kit!

While I have been working on a few things recently none of them are ready to be displayed here in all their glory so I’m going to the archives to give you something I finished a while ago but I feel is relevent due to the time of year.

Bill Walsh. Copyright, S Russam 2010

Watercolour, Copyright S Russam 2010, from a photograph by Micheal Zagaris.

Yeah the NFL is back as of Thursday night and the thought of football every Sunday from now til February fills me with nothing but glee, yeah I know I need to get a life, but hey we all have our vices right? And at least mines legal! 😉

So in the hope that maybe this season we’ll play like we did when Bill Walsh was the Head Coach of the San Francisco 49ers here is a watercolour portrait I painted of the legendary 80’s coach. It took over a year to complete, mainly due to that fact I injured a shoulder not long after starting it and couldn’t sit to paint for long peroids of time, but in the end I feel the time pain and effort was worth it.

Anyway hope you like it and here’s to the 2011 NFL season, GO NINERS!



Custom Patrick Willis Upper Deck Vinyl

March 28, 2011

Ok so when I’m not working or design sports logos for fun I like to turn my hand to customising things, in particular sports figures. I’ve customised a few McFarlane Sports Picks which I’ll post at some point but here we have a 12 inch Upper Deck Vinyl figure which I completed a few weeks ago.

It originally started life as Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher, but now sits next to my TV as 49ers linebacker Patrick Wills. As well as repainting, and decaling the figure I also created the custom logo on the base as well.

Keep an eye out for more UDV and Sports Pick customs in future, as well a few other fun custom projects.




Wow! Has it really been nearly a year?

March 17, 2011

I cant believe it’s been nearly a year since I signed up here and that I still haven’t gotten round to posting anything! That’s pretty poor going, but then most folk who know me probably wouldn’t be to surprised.

Ok so now that’s out the way I guess I kinda have to work out what to put up on here and what order to do it in? I mean do I go back and do things chronologically, or work from most recent back? Probably best to start at the start I guess. If you’re reading this (and I hope someone out there is!) there’s probably a strong chance you got the address from the NFL personas I created for the Firefox site.

9erssteve NFL Personas

9erssteve NFL Personas

They’ve been live since around draft time last year and seem to be pretty popular. Across both platforms (Mac and PC, yeah I created specifically for both) and all 32 teams I think there are now about 180 users and growing, which is not bad for something that grew out of an exercise I used to learn the finer points of Adobe Illustrator.

If you didn’t come to my blog via the Personas (and if that’s the case I honestly dunno how you got here, but thank you and welcome!) and would like to get your hands on one just visit the Personas website and search for 9erssteve or click on the image to the left. You’ll find a version for all 32 teams so choose the team you want and away you go. Be sure to pick the version for the platform you’re running to get the best results though.

Well I guess that’s it for now, first post over and done with. That wasn’t so hard, dunno why it took me so long! So what can you expect in future? Well Still to be posted from the last year are various sports logos, both real and concepts for American Football, a series of Arena Football rebrands, sadly just concepts, because if ever there was a league that needs better graphics it’s the Arena League! Some Aussie Rules football graphics and a healthy dose of photography both sports related and other random subject which just take my fancy.

Hopefully it wont take me another year to post some of that stuff! 😉


You found me!

April 3, 2010

Well if you’re reading this then somehow or another you’ve found me.

As you can see things are pretty bare around here right now, I’m just getting started but hopefully that will all change soon. So what can you expect in here, well, graphics will be the first thing and chances are they’ll have a sports related theme going on, but not always. Photography, with a sports related theme, and artwork (drawings and paintings) with a sports related theme… you spotted  a pattern yet? Well dont worry cos every now and then I’ll throw in the odd curve ball with something related to my other favourite pastimes, including movies and music.

So keep checking in and hopefully I’ll have some things on here worth talking about in the very near future.