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Well if you clicked on the About link I guess you’d like to know a little about me. Ok where to start?

Well, my name’s Steve Russam, I’m a self Employed Graphic Designer based just outside Edinburgh Scotland. Although if there’s anyone out there who’d like to employ me full time I’m open to offers! I’ve been in the design and print trade since late 95 and earned my BA (Hons) in Visual Communication (Graphic Design) from Edinburgh College of Art in 2007 after taking a few years out to fulfil an ambition I’d had since highschool of studying at ECA.

Examples of my more conventional work can be found on my website along with my CV and contact details. This blog will mostly be used to display my non conventional stuff, ie non work related photography, drawings, paintings mostly portraits or any other fun creative stuff I might get up to.

If you’ve checked out the main page of the blog you’ll notice that there is a pretty strong theme running through most (if not all) of what is posted here, and that’s my love of American Football. I’ve been a fan since the mid 80’s and the nickname is a result of my unwavering support (even through recent dismal seasons)  of the San Francisco 49ers. As a result of what can honestly only be described as a full blown addiction to football a great deal of what will be posted will have a sports related theme, but I promise I will throw in the odd non sports related project now and then.

So now you know a little about me I hope you’ll be a regular visiter here. If you want to know more, or there is a project/job you’d like to discuss with me you’ll find ways to contact me on my website.


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